The $250+ Billion Business!

With this kind of sales volume, it's no wonder that licensing has become a critical component of the marketing equation for manufacturers, developers, creators, and retailers alike.

Gary Caplan, Inc. is a licensing consulting firm who for over 35 years has been providing clients with valuable insight, information, and advice about licensed properties and licensing as a business.

Just as the licensing business itself has changed, GCI’s approach to the business has changed over the years, . Gone are the days of “label slapping” marketing. What has emerged is a more sophisticated and considerably more challenging business. The industry now requires a more seasoned, rational, and creative approach.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of the licensing business and making a meaningful difference to our client companies and the licensor / property owners with whom we work.

What is licensing? Is it a legitimate long-term marketing strategy? Or, is it simply an easy way for licensors and licensees to make a few quick bucks?

The truth is that both statements are valid, but there is a lot more to the story.

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Since 1984, Gary Caplan has helped hundreds of marketing executives, manufacturers, brands, rights holders, retailers, and entrepreneurs – from seasoned industry experts to novices just entering the industry – navigate the complex world of licensing. Thus, over the years, he has become known as ‘The Licensing Coach ®.

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