GCI’s approach to the business has changed over the years, just as the licensing business itself has changed. Gone are the days of “label slapping” marketing. What has emerged is a more sophisticated and considerably more challenging business. The industry now requires a more seasoned, rational, and creative approach.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of the licensing business and making a meaningful difference to our client companies and the licensor / property owners with whom we work.

What we can help you achieve

We provide our clients with valuable insight, information, and advice about properties and licensing as a business.

GCI will leverage our knowledge, network & execution strategies to give our clients the edge they will need to succeed in the competitive business of licensing and merchandising.

Our Fundamental Duties:
  • Furnish information and an understanding about licensor operations and licensing trends.
  • Keep our clients informed on day-to-day developments in the licensing business.
  • Gather marketing intelligence and disseminate that information to our clients and that help stay ahead of their competition.
  • Help our clients evaluate and identify the best opportunities from the thousands of licensing options that are available.
  • Provide extensive research on licensed properties.
  • Offer general advice and counsel on licensing matters including contractual issues and questions.
  • Assist with proposals, approvals, negotiations, and even creative direction.
  • Develop, strategize,  & execute turnkey integrated marketing solutions.
  • Work at all levels to make sure that our clients are positioned and viewed as an industry leader in their categories.
  • Devise workable strategies in order to maximize licensing’s potential while at the same time minimize its risks.
  • Act as a steady and influencing force. We see ourselves as members of our clients’ marketing team. We are committed to the growth and success of our clients.
  • Available to our clients as often as needed. We represent clients at licensing trade shows, licensor meetings and participate in internal client meetings when desired.